Veil Ministries
-A church without walls-

provides an interdenominational monthly
service in the first week of each month.

We invite you to worship with us.

Malcolm Westwood

Veil Ministries was originally produced for those who, for any reason, were unable to attend a church service. If regular church-goers also find the site useful, we are pleased to welcome you, too. The ministry welcomes Christians of all denominations and seeks to share the Christian way of life with those who find they can identify with its ministry.
The title of the web site, ‘Veil Ministries’ was chosen as a reminder that the sacrifice of Jesus made it possible for us all to have access to God through him. The veil beyond which only the High Priest had been allowed to go, was now torn to give us all access to the holy of holies.

(And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom -Matt. 27:51)


Dr. Malcolm Westwood, the founder of Veil Ministries, has been a minister of religion for over 40 years. He is an internationally acknowledged speaker and is a regular writer for newspapers and magazines both in the UK, where he is based, and abroad. He is an experienced implementer of Church Growth principles and has been employed as a consultant in that field. Gifted in pastoring and teaching he has also written the lyrics of six religious musicals and his songs are sung by the leading choirs throughout the world. Dr. Westwood also holds a diploma in conducting.

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